Fat Cat John Hughes

I guess I have known Fat Cat a little over 20 years now. Where can I start except to say that Fat Cat always followed his heart and a truer friend you could not find.

Fat Cat was often the "Typical Texan" and it took me a long time to learn that he wasn't going to let his Texas size curiosity keep him out of the loop. The main thing about Texans is they only blend in in Texas - every where else they stick out. Fat Cat and I traveled to New York City after Crazy Aces Pittsburg Convention in 91. Just a touristy sort of a thing after working a good Convention. At one point Fat Cat was strolling across Time Square, with a big feathery Cowboy hat and Buffalo Bill shirt - stopping the traffic so he could take pictures of the square. Later in St Patricks Church, he would blow out some of the candles because he found out all the little old ladies would scurry over to relight them and it made for a great picture to take back to Texas!

We worked together a lot at Conventions in the late 80s and early 90s. I also worked out in Waco a few times during my travels. My folks also live in Waco and so I usually saw hime whenever I was home. He loved it out in Oregon though. Starting around '90 Fat Cat would come out to Oregon and work the shop during the winter and sometimes the spring. He drew a lot and we weere busy even in the winter time in those days so he was sending money home and getting to enjoy our Northwest pace. We went to the Coast nearly every weekend and I remember he enjoyed "Moe's Clam Chowder" so much he took home a frozen gallon of it and we would send him fresh smoked salmon from time to time as well.

Fat Cat was not just a tattooist, he was always dabbling with art and photography of every concievable type and medium. there was not much limit top his imagination and never a thought towards "whether" or not he "could" do something!

I didnt get down to see him in Texas much in the last 10 years so we grew apart and I was surprised to find out how sick he had gotten. I know that when the National Tattoo Club helped him and his family with the auction in San Antonio, Fat Cat was really on his last leg. I'm really proud of National for helping and especially for all the work that Gil Monte did. Fat cat leaves behind his wife and 2 daughters. Georgina and Dominique weant so much to him and I know they miss him dearly. Georgina still continues to keep the shop open down in Waca and I wish her luck and prosperity.

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