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Mt Rushmore

We really had a good time during summer vacation. Here is our after Sturgis getaway a couple of years ago. After the Rally we spent a few days at Mt Rushmore. It was really inspiring, seeing the monument and we went to the museums and stuff, too. Explored and Even went on a horseback ride. Oh yea, Don't worry I didn't really fall off the mountain!

Rusty and Hunter take a break from vacation .....
to polish the motorcycle seat!

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Crazy Horse Monument

That helicoptor ride up to and around  the sculpture is pretty exciting. It is an impressive piece of work. The face is awsome, our helicoptor was duarfed by it. Since we took the deluxe tour we also saw more of the black hills and Harney peaks plus a herd of range buffalo. Flew by some old mnes and, a very cool "Eye of the needle" peaks. After we got back to launch pad it was decided there wasn't enough photographic evidence of Crazy horse, himself. I talked Mr CRAZY pilot into taking a quick run up to the face for another couple of pics. Just as it started raining. So, he decided to make it real quick! Yea!

Devils Tower, Wyoming

Spent the night and did a little exploring here, too. Got some great shots of the tower. At night there is an odd sensation about, you feel like you can reach out and touch it. (Which we practically could, at the KOA virtually at the foot of it) I also felt very aware of the Native Amercans closeness with that tower, which is reflected in abundant Indian lore regarding it. Feeling our western roots as we were, the olde time photo store seemed a perfect ending.

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Main Street Sturgis South Dakota

1996 Motorcycle Rally

Now there's some great family Photos! Smile, Kids.


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